Meet our designer!

Our beautiful logo was designed by Jess Waterman, Theatre Manager at the Bacon Theatre, Cheltenham. Jess designs print for the theatre, including the seasonal brochure and overseeing the website design. She has an amazingly creative brain, and a brilliant ability to take a few random ideas from a customer and turn them into a work of art. Jess had designed logos for Nonumbum Theatre Company and Hannah’s Homemade before we approached her to create our Cable Girls branding. We love the way Jess has incorporated a three-stranded cable to represent the three of us, and how the stitches resemble little birds!

We had a little chat with Jess about her passion for design:

TCG: How did you get into design work?

Jess: Entirely by accident! In the course of my marketing work at the Bacon Theatre, my appetite for certain projects like creating posters and putting together ‘artwork’ for press adverts increased and so did my frustration with Publisher. A colleaguerecognised my secret passion and persuaded me to train to use professional graphic design software (Adobe InDesign). Needless to say, I went ahead gleefully and I remain grateful for the encouragement.

TCG: What do you enjoy most about the design process?

Jess: Ooh tricky question. I love pulling together a collection of seemingly unrelated ideas to create something new. For me, understanding a project’s purpose and ‘audience’ is just as interesting as how aesthetically pleasing it might be. Designing a logo is brilliant fun because it’s all about crafting a kind of ‘persona’ that reflects the people, ideas and products it represents. Every project is unique for that reason.

TCG: What is your favourite part about your theatre role?

Jess: As with design; creativity and practicality go hand in hand when running a theatre venue – having ideas and then finding ways to realise them! I love theatre experiences and love the fact that we get to share these with audiences every week at The Bacon. But above all else, I am extremely lucky to work with a fantastic bunch of people.

TCG: What are your plans for the future?

Jess: No concrete plans. I just hope to be involved in many more projects that spark my creativity!

TCG: Thanks Jess – we’re really excited to be working with you!

For any enquiries, Jess can be contacted on

Bye for now,

The Cable Girls


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