Meet The Cable Girls: Hannah

In a mini-series (well, there are only three of us!), we want to introduce the world to The Cable Girls: Hannah, Sheila and Kate.

In this second post, Hannah is in the hot seat…

How did you get started with knitting?

Hannah: My grandmother was a prolific knitter who kept knitting until she was 97.  I didn’t become a fully-fledged knitting addict until late 2013 when Kate introduced me to the dark art of sock knitting.  (Kate: You are welcome.  Mwahahaha.)

What is your earliest memory of knitting?

Hannah: Knitting with plastic needles that I had chewed, aged 4.  I would knit unintentional lacework in front of the snooker with my granny.

What is your favourite item you have knitted?

Hannah: I loved knitting Myrtle by Miranda Jollie.

What is your favourite knitting stitch?

Hannah: good old stocking stitch!

What is your next project?

Hannah: a pair of socks with a cable pattern in them.

What are you currently knitting?

Hannah: bunting for my wedding and a somewhat-abandoned blanket in the Rowan knit-a-long.

What’s your most recent finished object?

Hannah: lovely purple socks from a pattern that Kate will be publishing soon (at least that’s what she keeps promising…).

Knitting or crochet?

Hannah: Knitting, although I’m learning to crochet

Why do you knit? Are you a process knitter or all about the finished object?

Hannah: I am all about the finished object.

Do you have any questions for The Cable Girls?  Let us know and we’ll try to answer them in upcoming blogs.

Bye for now,

The Cable Girls


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