Meet The Cable Girls: Kate

In a mini-series (well, there are only three of us!), we want to introduce the world to The Cable Girls: Hannah, Sheila and Kate.

In this final post in the series, Kate is in the hot seat…

How did you get started with knitting?

Kate: My nan taught me how to knit, so I’ve been knitting on and off since I was about four years old.  Sadly I lost my nan a long time ago, but knitting reminds me of her every day.  I have been really in to knitting for about the past ten years, starting with accessories to keep me warm when I was travelling as a student.

What is your earliest memory of knitting?

Kate: Sitting on my nan’s knee putting the yarn around the needles for her to “help” with her knitting!

What is your favourite item you have knitted?

Kate: My cream and red Sundottir jumper.  The pattern is by Diana Walla and was my first attempt at colour work knitting – I love it.  I used Cascade Eco+ and really enjoyed it – fewer ends to sew in and a great fabric.

What is your favourite knitting stitch?

Kate: I love the simplicity of garter stitch.

What is your next project?

Kate: Probably Low Tide by Tincanknits or Still Light Tunic by Veera Välimäki – I have the yarn ready for both but can’t decide. I’m also coveting Sheila’s Hitofude

What are you currently knitting?

Kate: The Pendulum shawl by Amy Miller and some ankle socks from my own design to use up some leftover sock yarn.  I also have a Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelly Kang on the go for little bits of leftover sock-weight yarn – it comes out of the cupboard every now and again but it’s a long way from finished!

What’s your most recent finished object?

Kate: Several pairs of socks 🙂

Knitting or crochet?

Kate: Knitting – my brain can handle five double-pointed needles but not one crochet hook!

Why do you knit? Are you a process knitter or all about the finished object?

Kate: I find knitting really soothing and really enjoy finished objects – so probably a bit of both.

Do you have any questions for The Cable Girls?  Let us know and we’ll try to answer them in upcoming blogs.

Bye for now,

The Cable Girls


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