A few of our favourite things


It’s been a while, but grab a cuppa and some knitting – today we’ve rounded up some of our favourite knitted things to share. We’ve been long-time fans of the “Pin Ups and Link Love” series by Julie over at Knitted Bliss and Franziska’s weekly Top Three posts on Franish so we thought we’d join in.

Kate is knitting a Low Tide cardigan in some gorgeous pink yarn from Fyberspates, and the other Cable Girls have got a serious case of yarn envy…

We had a great time visiting Smokey Joe’s in Cheltenham today – with glitter on the milkshakes what’s not to like?!  And of course we knitted while we waited for our lunch to arrive…

milkshake and sock knitting

Glittery milkshake and handknitted sock by Hannah (sock by Kate!)

There’s a lot of sock knitting going on at Cable Girls HQ this week, mostly with our trusty favourite sock yarn from Drops – we’ve all got lots of pairs of socks knitted in Drops Fabel, and we like it so much we use it in our sock knitting workshops!

Here are two pairs of the socks in progress (Hannah’s and Kate’s – both in Drops Fabel!) from lunch today:

socks in progress

The Cable Girls’ socks in progress August 2015 by Kate (socks by Hannah and Kate!)

Meanwhile, over on Twitter…

And from our favourite knitting blogs recently…

And finally, this pin made us really laugh this week – while Sheila can crochet without batting an eyelid, Kate can only just about crochet if Sheila is there to tell her what to do and Hannah goes a bit pale at the mere mention of the word “crochet”…  It inspired us to start a knitting humour board on Pinterest – if you want to take a look (it’s a little sparse for now, but ever-growing), we are here, and there’s lots more pins to browse.

If you’d like to share some of your favourite knitting things, let us know in the comments.

Bye for now,

The Cable Girls


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