A few of our favourite things: 23rd August 2015


We’re still enjoying writing our favourite things blogs (the first one is here, with the glittery milkshake, and the second one is here, with the knitted owl…) so here is what we’ve been raving about this week…

Firstly, a big happy birthday to our very own Hannah – wishing you lots of yarn and no dropped stitches 🙂

It’s still all about the socks at Cable Girls HQ, with at least two new pairs being cast on this week, including Kate’s Kalajoki socks in a lovely blue shade of Sport from PT5, a yarn she picked up on holiday in Norway last year.

Kalajoki socks in progress

Kalajoki socks in progress (c) The Cable Girls, 2015.

Sheila is knitting away on her Tree of Life Afghan at her usual breakneck speed – it will be done well before it gets cold again here in the Cotswolds!

This week at Cable Girls HQ we had a surprise present in the post – a vintage knitting book and set of patterns!  We’re starting to read through them (very carefully) and can’t wait to see what patterns are in store for us:

Vintage knitting patterns

Vintage knitting patterns (c) The Cable Girls, 2015.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter…

  • We had a good chuckle at the things people posted with #thingsknittersdo – and we identified with quite a few too!
  • These labels for hand knits from Knit Picks are perfect!  Their gift tags are pretty funny too…
  • We were seriously impressed by Woola OOPS’ knitted car cover

And from our blog reading this week…

  • We loved reading Tin Can Knits’ post about how their patterns get made.  We’re working on a few patterns and it seemed quite a daunting process, but reading about their process made it seem a bit more accessible.
  • Andi’s explanation of why she keeps knitting was lovely – it really resonated with us.  We definitely agree that it’s relaxing and love that it’s productive too.
  • We were wowed by the yarn Bethany used for her Fluid hat – and her website design is fabulous too!

Our favourite pin this week was the map of “cuts of lamb” – very clever!

We can hardly believe that the summer is almost over – it’s our final knitting surgery this week in Cheltenham and our next learn to knit course starts in just 10 days’ time!  If you want to come along and share the wonderful world of knitting with us, you can book here – if you have any questions about it leave us a comment below.

Bye for now,

The Cable Girls


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