A few of our favourite things: 6th September 2015


We took a week off last week to enjoy some extra knitting time over the bank holiday weekend (or public holiday, if you’re not from the UK).  But we’re back with another round of our favourite things, so grab a cuppa and settle in!

Our favourite thing this week is how much fun we had teaching five lovely people how to knit socks.  They were awesome and so were the finished articles:


Finished socks by our fabulous students! (c) The Cable Girls, 2015

Our next learn to knit course starts this week – somehow it’s our third course!  We’re holding it at Whole Foods in Cheltenham – if you want to pop down and join us we’ll be there 6.45pm on Tuesday for the start of the course.  Tickets are still available here.

In terms of our knitting, it seems the change of season has spurred us all on to finish things over the last fortnight – or perhaps it’s the opportunity to cast on all the new things.  Either way, a small drop in temperature and the big projects are all out!  Alpaca, bulky yarn – we love summer, but it’s nice to get bigger projects underway once the first hint of autumn appears.

Sheila finished her amazing Tree of Life Afghan – we know she’s a seriously talented knitter, but she likes to raise the bar every now and again!


Sheila’s Tree of Life Afghan (c) The Cable Girls, 2015

She has also knitted some fab tiny mittens as part of a display in our lovely friend Jemma’s shop The Crafty Hands Company in Chipping Campden – they are a wonderful idea for an advent calendar.  If you’re starting to think about knitting for the Christmas season (yep, it’s almost that time of year again) you can join us for Christmas knitting sessions in October or November.


Advent Calendar mittens by Sheila (c) The Cable Girls, 2015

Hannah has finished her second Schmeichler shawl in fabulous shades of turquoise and pink and while checking through her stash she fell in back in love with some 4-ply merino.  She’s giving in to the Hitofude fever that Sheila inadvertently started a few weeks ago… This is the problem when you work with fellow knitters – patterns can be contagious!


Hannah’s second Schmeichler Shawl blocking (c) The Cable Girls, 2015

Kate has finished the knitting on her Low Tide cardigan and picked out the buttons, she just needs to get them sewn on and start blocking.  Kate’s on a mission to knit up some of her stash, so after finishing a Honeycomb Cable Cushion that had been lurking half-finished, she cast on for a Still Light tunic in the lovely (and very affordable!) Drops Alpaca in a very pretty pale grey that she bought longer ago than she cares to admit…

Meanwhile, over on Twitter…

And from our blog reading this week…

  • Andi’s blog about knitting in public was spot on!  We are prolific knitters in public – on planes, in waiting rooms and in pretty much every coffee shop we visit together.
  • We thought The Purl Bee’s Rectangular Colorblock Bias Blanket was beautiful.
  • And so is Julie’s Grey Mist cowl – the yarn is glorious and the dinosaur sheets are pretty amazing too!

And this was our favourite pin of the week!

How was your week?  Are you also experiencing the need to finish everything and cast on new projects for the new season?

Bye for now,

The Cable Girls