A few of our favourite things: 4th October 2015


We’re back after a bit of a hiatus – it’s been hectic at Cable Girls HQ in the last few weeks, so grab a cuppa, get comfy and settle in for a bumper edition of our favourite things from the last couple of weeks.

The main reason that we’ve been away from the blog is that Cable Girl Hannah got married!  We were all celebrating and helping set up the wedding (and one of us was learning to crochet for it – that took a while!), hence our absence here.  Congratulations Hannah, we wish you a lifetime of happiness and a yarn stash that never runs out 🙂

We’re now four weeks into our current learn to knit course at the fabulous Whole Foods in Cheltenham – if you’ve decided you want to join us on our next course stay tuned as dates will be announced here very soon.  If you want to know before everyone else, you can sign up for our mailing list here 🙂

Like a lot of the knitting world, The Cable Girls are excited to celebrate #SOCKTOBER!  We knit socks all year round, but in October we really pick up the pace.  More pairs, new techniques and a really good excuse to finish up those second socks that have been lingering slightly too long…


Sheila’s afterthought heel for #SOCKTOBER, (c) The Cable Girls, 2015.

Sheila’s started off well with her #SOCKTOBER goal to try new ways of knitting heels – her first attempt at afterthought heels is above and she’s cracking on through her list – the fish lips kiss heel is next and we can’t wait to see her finished socks.


Kate’s Simple Skyp Socks with her beloved Knit Pro DPNs, (c) The Cable Girls, 2015.

Kate’s goals are to finish the prototype of the pilates sock with grippy bits (if it works out you might just see the pattern here soon!), finish up a Simple Skyp sock that’s been lurking a while (second sock syndrome – in the picture above) and to cast on and finish the second of her Kalajoki socks (sensing a theme yet?).

Hannah’s aim is to finish her current sock, although we suspect that more than one pair will be done this month now that she’s back from her honeymoon!

Meanwhile, over on Twitter…

And from our blog reading…

  • We love the idea of “Knitting In” from Knit Luck – when things are getting stressful, knit it out – it’s what we do!
  • Tanis’ Veronika top is simple and beautiful
  • The purple yarn in this line break shawl by Nook is fabulous
  • Woolythyme’s Axis shawl is amazing – love the orange and grey together!

And this was our favourite Pin of the week, in honour of Sheila’s Socktober goal.

How have you been?  Are you celebrating Socktober?  Let us know in the comments…

Bye for now,

The Cable Girls


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