#KnitterLogic: Top ten reasons we love knitting socks

Knitted socks

Knitted socks, photo by Kate (c) The Cable Girls, 2015

The Cable Girls love to knit socks – all three of us always have a pair on the go and this weekend we thought we would share why in our new series, #KnitterLogic:

Top ten reasons we love knitting socks

1. Toasty toes – we have a collective theory that the satisfaction achieved from wearing socks you have knitted somehow increases the warmth they provide…

2. Portability – if you look into any of The Cable Girls’ handbags you will almost always find a sock.  Conveniently small, socks take up very little room, aren’t heavy, don’t require extra balls of yarn to be taken with you “just in case” and can keep you knitting for a little while.  The Cable Girls are prolific knitters-in-public, and can be spotted on planes, trains, in the passenger seats of cars… usually knitting away on their handbag sock!

3. They can be a cheap project (we all have a weakness for beautiful yarns, so this isn’t always true…) and are quite quick to complete.  Socks are a great way to try new yarns and fibres, and there are so many beautiful self-striping sock yarns and luxury fibre blends available that we’re pretty sure we’re not going to get fed up with sock knitting any time soon.

4. Turning little gaps of time into something productive.  This follows on from point two, portability – as socks are so convenient and we always have one tucked away in our handbags, we love nothing more than turning those gaps in the day, in waiting rooms, before classes and even social time at the pub into something we can wear.

5. They are a real talking point!  We love chatting to people about knitting, and find that when we’re knitting away on a sock in public (see also points 2 and 4) they are a real conversation starter.

6. The look of surprise when people spot them.  Admittedly not many people see your socks, but when they catch a glimpse of them it’s great to hear the surprise in their voice when you tell someone you knitted them yourself.

7. Matching your knits – grey scarf, check.  Grey hat, check.  Grey socks – check!  It might just be us, but coordinating knits is deeply satisfying.

8. Tailoring your socks to perfection.  Particularly for those with high arches, or feet that are wider or narrow than “the norm”, creating socks that fit your feet perfectly, keep them warm and keep blisters at bay is our path to happy feet.

9. The satisfaction of pegging lots of hand knit socks out on the washing line – we don’t know why but it’s more satisfying than hanging up shop-bought socks to dry!

10. Year-round knitwear – some people only think of hats, scarves and mittens when they think of knitwear.  Certainly here in the UK we have the kind of weather that lends itself to wearing hand knit socks all year round!  Socks are also an ideal light-weight knitting project for the summer months, as they don’t require heavy yarn or create vast swathes of fabric that lies across your lap as you knit.

We struggled to keep ourselves to just ten reasons – so please add yours in the comments and tell us why you love knitting socks!

If you want to learn to knit socks with us, we offer “Sock It To Me!” workshops – the next one is Saturday 20th June 2015 and spaces are still available here.  We also have availability for our sock workshop on Saturday 5th September 2015 here.

What other knitting top tens would you like to see?  Let us know in the comments below!

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Things are progressing at speed here at The Cable Girls HQ – we’re working on setting up the venue for the first round of workshops and will be announcing the dates soon.

We’re also working to set up our first weekend knitting retreat for existing knitters.  It will be held somewhere near Cheltenham and will be set in a beautiful countryside location. We’ll have sessions to learn new skills, plus group knitting time and breaks in the schedule to allow us to enjoy the surrounding areas or just hunker down and knit!  Details will be announced soon, but if you’re excited and want to know more please get in touch using the contact form on our ‘About’ page.

We offer bespoke packages too – so if you want to arrange a learn to knit session for a hen do or baby shower please contact us using the form on the right hand side of this page.  We are willing to travel and can tailor patterns to skill levels and different events – so get in touch and challenge us!

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